Human Brilliance Ceremonies

"Making Your Human Experience More Brilliant"!

During the 26 years we have consulted with clients on the benefits of living more holistically, We have experienced profound pleasure in witnessing people transform their lives and their relationships by incorporating principles and skills that free them psychologically and emotionally, allowing them to live authentically. We understand the power of practicing mindfulness in all situations concerning the heart,

health, and healing. Marriage and raising a family has it's challenges, and also it's boundless rewards.

What we know for sure is;

"Never approach a situation asking, what if I fail ? Approach the situation knowing that

failure is not an option".

Our Professional Officiants do not discriminate. All initial consultations are free. Whether you desire a secular, religious, interfaith or civil ceremony, and rituals such as, candle lighting, jumping the broom, hand cording etc, we will accommodate. 

We believe love is love.

Using our special gifts and techniques, and our 2nd acknowledgement

allows you to express your most deepest, holistic, soulful feelings, we are sure to make your ceremony more meaningful, authentic and unforgettable.

See our Brilliant package that  includes everything you may desire and more. All other packages can include additions for $25-$50 each.

It's our honor to provide you with a

Brilliant simple ceremony, or a Brilliant elaborate ceremony.


Rev. Mrs. Robin 

Babatunde B.Msc.

(Mrs. Robin)

 Ordained Interfaith and Metaphysical Minister, Licensed Holistic Living Consultant, Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator

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"Making Your Human Experience More Brilliant"

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Choose our most popular "Brilliant" package or our simple "Sunny" package and add on any

service you desire. With our special talents and techniques, we offer something no one else

does. We are sure to make your ceremony more Brilliant.

We have something extra special just for you!

Human Brilliance Ceremonies

Ceremony #3

 BRIGHT $350

Couple To Small 

Custom, Personalized Ceremony

Personal Vows

2nd Acknowledgement

Documents Signed & Filed

1 Witness

30 mile Radius

Human Brilliance Gift

(Additional For Traveling & Lodging)

Ceremony #4

SUNNY $250


Last Minute

Pre-Written Ceremony


Documents Signed & Filed

Must have (2) own witnesses

15 mile Radius

Human Brilliance Gift

(Additional For Traveling & Lodging)

Ceremony #2


Small To Medium

Custom Personalized Ceremony

2 Readings

Special Ritual

Personal Vows

2nd Acknowledgement & Poem

Documents Signed & Filed

1 Witness

30 Mile Radius

Human Brilliance Gift

(Additional For Traveling & Lodging)



Miles                                      $1  ea.

Readings                              $25 ea.

Special Rituals                    $25 ea.

2nd Acknowledgement $25

Poem  $40

witnesses                                  $50

Collaborate w/Vendors          $50

Rehearsal & Assist                  $50-$150

Reception/Dinner Prayer    $100

Pre-written Prayer  & Your Story

included (opt.)

Ceremony #1


Large 100 & up

Custom, Personalized Ceremony


Special Rituals

Personal Vows

2nd Acknowledgement & Poem

Documents Signed & Filed

Witnesses provided

Personal Calls Anytime

Wedding Planning Resources

Collaborate With Vendors

Attend Rehearsal & Assist

Reception/Dinner Prayer

30 Mile Radius

Human Brilliance Gift

(Additional For Traveling & Lodging)

Relationship/Marriage Mentoring

A Brilliant Couple's Life Boat

We will register you with Prepare-Enrich for an online assessment $35. Once completed we will have a 2 hour session $200  to discuss your results, which covers

  •  Strengths and Growths
  • Communication Skills
  • Personality Differences
  •  Conflicts and Resolution
  • Finances and Budgeting
  • Personal and Family Goals
A Brilliant Couple's Love Boat

We will have another 2 hour session to finalize your overall emotions and concerns pertaining to your relationship and wedding ceremony. $200

Continued Support Mentoring is an 1 hour session $200

Holistic Living Consulting

A Brilliant Life Connection

An overall, individual desire to cultivate an authentic, meaningful, richly, expressive life based on Holistic principles pertaining to spiritual health and wellness that encompasses the mind, the body, and the soul. Once assessment is completed, we will have three 1 hour sessions $259ea. to discuss your results and began working towards a brilliant life connection which covers

Self-Realization  -Your Spiritual & Creative Awareness

Self-Acceptance  - Your Mental & Emotional Health

Self-Preservation -Your Physical & Nutritional Health

*Required reading is important to your success.

Continued Support Consulting is an 1 hour session $200

335 253-6484

Our Team is ready to assist you with your desires.