Human Brilliance Ceremonies

"Our Team is Dedicated  To

"Making Your Human Experience More Brilliant"!


Your Wedding day is often one of the happiest, most meaningful  moments in your life. Don't slight the most valuable part of your wedding by not really thinking the ceremony through.  I'm sure the food, cake, decor, music and dancing will all work out just fine. We will do all we can as your ceremony Officiant to make sure things run smoothly.

Your ceremony should reflect your deepest, soulful, divine feelings you have for each other.

Expressing your love through the words spoken in your vows and throughout, make for a more intimate and brilliant ceremony.

Your body language can also express the way you feel for one another. The way you look into each others eyes, the way you touch as your vows are being shared, speaks volumes about your connection.

Think of when you first met, your first kiss, or when you first realized that this is who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Take time to speak your heart, really be in tune to your feelings, your thoughts on a deeper, passionate, more spiritual level.

True expressions of your gift of each other as you accept one another on this journey of devoted life and love is a blessing not only received by you both , but by all family, friends and love ones whom witness your divine, ultimate love connection.

It's our pleasure here at Human Brilliance Ceremonies to make your human experience, in every way possible, more brilliant!!!

Our Story

Our journey began years ago when my husband and I decided to live a more holistic lifestyle. We started a business that allowed us to service and teach people in our community about the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. This brought us to the amazing conclusion that people are all the same, we are all one, from one almighty source. When one accepts who they are, loves who they are and preserves who they are, there begins this ultimate, real shift within, I like to call mindfulness. Appreciating  all of nature as gifts of love, along with the experiences that hit us below the belt , reminds us of our reality and that we are all of flesh and bone. And when we can endure the good and bad, ups and downs  and still be grateful, still desiring to do everything in love,  this is what I call an incredibly, brilliant human being!

Our Philosophy

Life is a Gift! Cherish it, embrace it, accept it, love it, make it meaningful and it will love you back. In loving ourselves it is so much easier to love others.

People coming together in love and commitment is the most beautiful, untarnished, undeniable experience there is.

So it brings us to this; "Human Brilliance Ceremonies".

Every individual is a brilliant human and deserves the best.

We want everyone to experience a life of equanimity. A brilliant life  of love and commitment, and live a  long journey of adventure, happiness and gratitude.

Always celebrating life brilliantly, after all,  life is a gift!