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July 18,2022

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Hello My Brilliant Beings,

We all need a little help sometimes with relating to our partners. Here are a few ideas to help you create a better marriage.


Talking through those hard issues can be challenging, but it is the key to better understanding. Be sure to take turns and take time out if things get a bit heated.


Listening is one of the things that is very important to each individual. We all want to be heard and we all want to be understood. Sometimes we listen only to reply. But listening through difficult situations without butting in helps you both to feel valued.

Pause, Pray, Meditate.

As I stated before, if things get heated take time out, pause. No one can be heard if you both are heated. Do ask your partner to repeat just to be clear. Pray or meditate after listening and gathering information. Allow the divine nature and energy of the Universe to reveal how to proceed and what’s next.

What a good idea it is to take time to process what has been shared and revealed.


Nothing like putting yourself in your partner's place. When we empathize, our brains turn off the fight or flight response. Instead we can easily begin to see our partners view. Doesn't mean your partner is right or wrong, it just means that you are now listening with love.

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Need Help

We are here to help you with these and more. We want our couples to know that they can build better marriages, but it takes love and work and sometimes a little professional help.

Each of you can do an individual assessment right from the privacy of your home. Find out how you and your partner feel and think about all the topics that should be discussed in your relationship and let us help you build a better and brilliant marriage.

“Always Celebrating Life Brilliantly”💕

Your Officiant & Mentor

Mrs. Robin Babatunde